Meet Kenny.

A web developer from Västerås, Sweden.

Kenny Damgren is an enthusiastic web developer with great passion for the web. Kenny enjoys building feature rich and interactive web apps.


Kenny is an web developer working at Picapoint AB in Västerås, Sweden. He is a proud father and a sport lover.


Kenny is truly passionate about web development and love working with single page apps. Kenny builds everything from small to large web apps.


PHP phpspec Angular Jasmine Gulp TypeScript sass vagrant node

Sody Framework
Sody Frameworkmore_vert
Sody Frameworkclose

A PHP framework that uses PSR-0/PSR-2, Restful routes and an easy to use view system.

Simple PHP Login System
PHP Login Systemmore_vert
PHP Login Systemclose

A login system with RBAC.

Susanne Damgren Blog
Susanne Blogmore_vert
Susanne Blogclose

A blog built with Laravel, Angular and Coffee.

Fonto Framework
Fonto Frameworkmore_vert
Fonto Frameworkclose

A small PHP framework built with flexibility in mind. Uses PSR-0 and Facades.

Earlier version of my portfolio
My Portfoliomore_vert
My Portfolioclose

An earlier version of my portfolio. Built with Rails and Marionette.js.


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